Timesheet Mobile’s Punch Prompt™ Location Alert Enhances Employee Timesheet Compliance

Smartphone app monitors employee GPS location and sends alerts to employee and manager if they leave a job site without Punching out.

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., May 14, 2014- Freedom Telecare today announced that their Timesheet Mobile, employee time clock and location tracking smartphone app for iPhone and Android now includes Punch PromptTM functionality. The new functionality leverages the smartphone app GPS location features to create a geofence around an employee’s punch in/out location at a remote work site. The app monitors the employee location while on the clock and will prompt the employee to punch out if they leave the work location. In addition, the app will create a record of the time that the employee left the work area on the server and send an email alert to the manager.

“Listening to our customer’s challenges, we understand that the most common error employees make when transitioning to a new mobile time clock solution is forgetting to punch out at the end of a shift. By capturing the employee’s work location, using a battery efficient means of monitoring their location, and providing a punch out reminder to the employee, Timesheet Mobile continues to add value by improving employee timesheet compliance” said Freedom Telecare President Bob Drainville. “Customers in Energy Services, Security, Transportation, Healthcare, and Construction are seeing their employees rapidly transition from non-smartphones to smartphones, enabling us to provide innovative features like Punch PromptTM .

The addition of Punch PromptTM to the smartphone app provides both the worker and the manager with real time alerts when an employee or contractor leaves a worksite. The cloud based solution provides a timestamp entry on the web portal’s logsheet indicating the time of departure and jobsite information. "I no longer have to wonder if a contractor or employee punched in and left the worksite. Punch Prompt alerts me via email and updates the Logsheet the moment they leave a site without punching out." said RG Fine Finishes Manager Lisa Gomez.

The updated smartphone applications are available for installation on Google Play and iTunes. For employees to use the smart phone application their employers must have a corresponding Timesheet Mobile subscription to allow real time data communication between the app and the web based service.

About Freedom Telecare Founded in 2004 by experienced health care and telecommunication professionals, Freedom Telecare™ has developed innovative yet simple business solutions for companies with remote employees and clients. For more information, please visit www.timesheetmobile.com or call 888-275-3098.

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