4 HR Trends for a Hybrid Workforce

As work environments slowly shift back to a sense of normalcy following the global pandemic, many employers are left with a decision: do we stay remote, or should we bring all our employees back into the office? In this new normal, a healthy mix of the two will create the best results for your business. Through a hybrid workforce, your employees can get their desired in-person communication and sense of belonging, in addition to the flexibility and comfort that they obtain working from home. Here are four tips that human resource departments should consider when creating a hybrid workforce.…

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How to Help Remote Employees Manage Their Time

The year 2020 changed the way many companies and therefore, employees, conduct business. Employees were previously accustomed to dedicated office spaces, personalized office equipment, and separation between their professional and personal lives. Today, however, about 4.3 million people in the United States work from home at least half the time, mainly due to the new social distancing rules that are in effect because of COVID-19. Remote work is a great alternative to working in-office, especially in today’s climate, although there has been an adjustment period for many companies and employees.…

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10 Benefits Employees Seek in a Remote Work Setting

The spread of COVID-19 caused many companies to make the transition to remote work. These flexible work arrangements have enabled businesses to continue operating as usual but under very different circumstances. Today’s business leaders must invest in the technology, benefit packages, and resources necessary to support their employees while telecommuting.…

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4 Ways Managers Can Monitor their Remote Employees

Remote employees and work at home is now the way of the land— which can bring about certain challenges for managers. With over 4.7 million US employees working outside of the office, companies must find unique ways to monitor employee behavior. While it is true that 77 percent of remote employees feel more productive while at home, working outside of the office does provide the opportunity for your workers to use their time unwisely. Below are a few tips to ensure that your employees are giving their best effort while they’re working away from the office.…

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4 Tips for Managing a Growing Remote Workforce

Whether you’re a solopreneur, enterprise corporation, or somewhere in between, smart growth and a flexible workforce is the key to securing a solid future for your business. However, far too often, business owners and managers fail to adequately address and prepare for the various challenges that come with a growing business in post COVID-19 times.…

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