Five Ways to Manage Employees at Multiple Job Sites

From an employee’s perspective, there is plenty to like about working at rotating job sites. The tasks are constantly changing and no two days are the same. Work day start and end times vary, and projects also come and go. While this provides a lot of excitement and diversity for the worker, what’s it like from a manager’s perspective?…

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Employee Time Tracking: A Game Changer in the Hospitality Industry

Given the important role that customer service plays in the hospitality industry, one might believe that these businesses are more resistant to the technological trends that are reshaping other sectors of the economy, such as manufacturing, construction and retail sales.…

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Saying "I Do" to Employee Time Tracking This Wedding Season

As a busy caterer, running around from one event to another, keeping track of employees is the last thing you want to worry about or have time for – but it’s a critical component to managing a business. Not only are the majority of hospitality employees working on an hourly basis, but the unpredictable nature of the job means that their hours can vary dramatically from week to week. While one weekend might mean racking up overtime at events that rage into the early morning hours, another may result in being sent home early from overstaffed, underattended parties.…

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