Getting Employees to Submit Timesheets on Time

As a business owner, operator or administrator, you know that inaccurate or missing employee timesheets cost your business big money. The amount of effort and frustration that goes into chasing down times from all of your employees, then compiling it into reportable hours, is compounded when those hours are estimates, best guesses, or worse. That said, you also know that getting your employees to adopt a new system and discard old habits can be problematic. Here’s how to avoid potential pushback.

1) Embracing the Digital Age. Your employees may or may not be Smartphone users, but one thing’s for sure … they are no longer visiting the local library when they can just as easily ‘Google it’. And if they’ve visited a Doctor’s office lately, they have likely noticed less digging in file cabinets and more ‘please use this tablet to check-in’. Same goes for payroll. Paper timesheets and manual timekeeping simply cannot compete with the accuracy and efficiency of the Timesheet Mobile system.

2) It really is that easy to use. With the push of a button (or a quick phone call for non-smartphone users), employees can easily and accurately capture their time spent on customer sites, jobs and tasks, adding notes and mileage, and even providing mid-shift information via Check Point.  Smartphone users receive up-to-the-minute daily and weekly totals. No mistakes and no guessing. Today, employees using the Timesheet Mobile smartphone app are accustomed to receiving Punch PromptTM notifications when they leave a work site.  Soon, they will be reminded whenever they arrive at work sites, adding to the benefits of a mobile timesheet solution. Easy-to-read graphics and YouTube videos are available on our website.

3) This is NOT about lack of trust. It is crucial that employees understand that Timesheet Mobile is being implemented in order to save the company money and maximize efficiency. No more filling out timecards and making a trip to the home office to punch in. The system puts employees in control, keeping their time, tasks and mileage organized. TSM also protects them, accurately accounting for all of their time (scheduled shifts, make up shifts, switched shifts, overtime, etc). Discrepancies that can often occur with timecards and verbal exchange of information are no longer an issue.

4) You’re hiring! Timesheet Mobile gives businesses the freedom to confidently grow their staffs. Consultants, freelance and work-at-home employees can complete tasks anytime and anywhere, meanwhile maintaining accurate time records, essential for financial and tax reporting.

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