3 Employment Ideas for Seniors Who Want to Work After Retirement

Are you planning on keeping a job during retirement? Doing so can be a good way to pad your retirement income and to keep yourself busy, but you should look for a job that will also help keep you happy. Depending on your reasons for working during retirement, that can mean different things: You may want more flexibility, you may want to advance your skills in different areas such as technology, or you may want more income. To help you figure out which job is right for your retirement, here are some senior-friendly employment possibilities you should consider:

Look for a Job in Insurance Industry

If you want a job that’s easy to get into, then the insurance sector may be perfect for you. You could work as an insurance agent, adjuster, or claims representative. Insurance agents provide customers with information about specific policies, check in regularly throughout the year, and sometimes even offer connections for financial advice. So if your communication skills are top notch, this could be the right retirement job to keep you happy and to supplement your income.

Research Working Remotely

Did you know that many large companies hire remote employees? Remote work can provide seniors with flexibility, and companies like Amazon, Dell, and Intuit make it easy for retirees to get started in a position that will allow them to work from just about anywhere. You can also work as an independent contractor and locate job opportunities through freelance job boards like Upwork. These boards offer remote work in a variety of fields including customer service, marketing, and accounting. Many companies also make it easy to keep up with your time and schedule using Timesheet Mobile.

You can use your smartphone to download apps that help organize your day, which can be great when you are juggling personal and work appointments during retirement. Apps like Lightning and Fantastical 2 provide organizing and scheduling features that can make sorting through these appointments much easier. Many apps also allow you to share calendars with your spouse or co-workers to keep everyone on the same page.

Pick Up a Part-Time Position

Working during retirement can boost your retirement income in several ways. When you continue working, not only are you earning a paycheck, but you are also continuing to build up your social security payments. Working full time may seem like the best way to maximize your income during retirement, but maintaining a full-time schedule can mean having less time for family or leisure activities, both of which can make retirement more enjoyable. So if you want to keep some flexibility in your schedule while still earning a paycheck, you should consider looking for part-time employment.

Some popular part-time choices for retirees include direct sales, seasonal positions, and home-based businesses. Starting a home-based business during retirement may seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be pretty effortless, and you can choose your own work hours. For instance, you could use skills and experience acquired from your previous career to start your own consulting business. If you work in insurance or accounting, you can supplement your income by referring clients to Timesheet Mobile.

Knowing that you have options for employment after retirement can relieve some stress. Whether you need more money, more connections, or more free time, one of the jobs mentioned above may be your best bet for beginning a thriving new career during your senior years.


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