5 Best Apps for Construction and Remodeling Businesses

In today's tight labor market, it’s a challenging time to be in the construction and remodeling business. In order to attract more qualified workers, construction and remodeling companies need to raise hourly wages or invest in training programs to develop employee skills. Every efficiency you gain in productivity is invaluable. Fortunately, there a many technology solutions available ranging from employee time and attendance to drones that can boost productivity and lower costs.  There are other helpful construction apps that reduce the time and effort it takes on nearly every construction-related task imaginable, from soliciting and comparing bids to holding safety meetings for employees. Here are five of our favorites. 

Timesheet Mobile

The Geofence time clock app, for instance, helps builders keep track of their employees, cut down on timesheet fraud and quickly calculate payroll and job costs. Built into the app is workforce  management solution Project+, which brings project managers a number of collaboration tools, such as team messaging, that allows crews to communicate in real-time, complete project checklists, and share photos. 

With Geofence Autopunch employees can be punched in and out of jobsites as they enter and exit geofenced jobsites during their scheduled hours.  Their travel time and distance between jobsites can also be captured automatically.


Safety Meeting App

The Safety Meeting App is a useful tool to ensure that you and your mobile workforce are operating in accordance with OSHA safety regulations and guidelines. By using the safety Checklists you will be able to document and securely record potential hazards with the push of a button. The app offers safety checklists for all the trades, including carpentry, electrical, HVAC, landscaping, painting, plumbing, roofing and many others. Even better, it allows you to organize safety meetings that employees can attend remotely by reading the safety documents on their device and listening to the meeting leader discuss the subject.


This sophisticated app is a natural addition to the digital toolbox of the thousands of builders who are harnessing the insight of airborne technology for their projects. With DroneDeploy, all you have to do is select an area on a map that you want analyzed and the drone and the app will do the rest. The drone will launch an automated flight (no remote control necessary) and capture aerial footage of the selected area. Within minutes you’ll be able to generate 3D maps that you can easily share with other members of the team, clients or regulatory agencies.


Coming up with quotes for prospects, many of whom you never hear from again, presents a major time burden for construction industry professionals. JobFLEX is a cutting edge tool that can help you get quotes calculated and client-ready much more quickly, allowing more time to focus on projects and customer service.  Entering (and updating) your materials list and pricing in the  JobFLEX estimating app makes building professional and accurate quotes in the field simple and fast and allows you to build an up-to-date materials list.

Construction Master PRO

Construction Master Pro has been a trusted construction project management software of the trades for decades. Need to quickly and accurately calculate a construction problem when meeting with a client? Left your calculator in the truck? Just pull out your smartphone, tap on the Construction Master Pro icon! Calculate tough construction-math problems and reduce errors on the jobsite or in the office.  Reduce costly errors and save time and money. It will help you and your crew on every phase of your projects—estimating, bidding and building.

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