12 Notions about Managing Employees at a Startup

Startups are definitely the cool kids on the block. With a decidedly relaxed environment and plenty of perks to boot, startups are putting the traditional office to shame. "Casual" is not reserved only for Friday's dress code and scooters are often the preferred method of hallway travel. However, if startup founders want their companies to stick around, laid-back and hands-off can be a risky approach.

Amid all of the gusto in getting started, startup founders might be temped to write off the basics and cut some corners. Young entrepreneurs already in the game seem to agree that some "old school" management practices are still worthy of merit. Their advice? Do train and manage your people, but resist the temptation to micromanage. Be realistic about the length of the workday. Sure, catered lunches and rec rooms are nice incentives, but they are no substitute for sunlight and a social life. Furthermore, don't expect that paying an employee a larger salary equates to working longer hours. With the impending DOL rule, that assumption may end up being a costly one.

Successful startups will make their own rules, while incorporating ubiquitous systems and tools known for producing effective results.

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