How to Effectively Motivate Your Construction Team

As a manager, expecting employees to automatically fall in line, consistently accomplishing tasks at a high level, is a tall order. Even the most dedicated employees need a push now and then. Team leaders must understand that their people are motivated for individual reasons. If you want to inspire passion on the job, communication is the key. For Construction Pros offers four action steps to ignite enthusiasm on your construction team.

Providing clear and achievable goals will help ensure that deadlines are met. And since humans crave recognition, praising their good work along the way is always a good idea. Presenting employees with a vision for how a project is intended to unfold – and being realistic about potential pitfalls – is also a smart strategy.

At Timesheet Mobile, we are constantly developing features specific to the needs of both individual workers, as well as construction teams. We believe that by making communication easy and effective, employees become empowered. The result of which is increased productivity and improved morale. For example, our Workgroup Punch setting is designed to be set up on a tablet where teams can easily log in and out without having to reach for their cell phones. To Do List is a feature which allows group text communications within our free employee tracking app. Workers can share photos and links, add last minute tasks and communicate with their crew, without making a host of phone calls or sending individual emails. Timesheet Approvals is a beneficial feature that allows workers to make on the spot timesheet corrections. It is designed to improve communication between managers and employees, as well as encourage workers to use their timesheet app.

Equipped with solid leadership and the right tools in place, your empowered construction team will be informed, focused and highly motivated.


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