Embracing the Mobile Employee Time Clock

How Ditching Post-its and Punch Clocks Improves Efficiency.

Why Implementing a Mobile Employee Time Clock System is Smart for Small Businesses.

Not unlike parents expecting their first child, small business owners get alot of tips. While some of this unsolicited advice is welcome and useful, most of us simply live and learn. One suggestion that should not be ignored and cannot be disputed: embrace technology. This notion is still daunting for those of us who grew up putting pen to paper, sending snail mail and having actual telephone conversations all day long. However, ignoring that we live in a device-addicted world will only set you back in business.

Tech companies work tirelessly to compete for your attention. Humans want to be faster, smarter and more productive ... and there's an app for that! As a small business, perhaps you've made the transition from bookkeeping logs to an accounting software program and you've abandoned direct mail in favor of email blasts, but if your office still relies on a manual employee time clock, you've got work to do.

Small business owners have countless decisions to make and no shortage of options. While choosing which mobile employee time clock system to implement is far more complex than deciding on which coffee will be served in the break room, doing your homework will serve you well. Determining which program will save you the most time and money will inevitably top the list. Taking a look at other key factors will also help in the decision making.

Know your employees
Transitioning to a mobile employee time tracking system can be met with resistance, so be prepared. Is your staff smartphone savvy or is there a need for a dial-in system? Are your mobile employees all over town or do they work in crews in just a few areas? Assure your employees that their compliance is essential for the company's growth, as well as their own protection.

Streamline your systems
If you're already using QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online, Sage or ADP, be sure that your mobile employee tracking software works with your accounting program. Syncing these systems minimizes errors on employee timesheets, maximizes the efficiency of the payroll process and keeps your bookkeeper happy.

Bells and whistles
You want your employee time clock system to be not only feature-rich, but also user-friendly. Decide what you can and can't live without. Is best-in-class geofencing a top priority or is an intuitive employee scheduling option a must have? If you're still drowning in a sea of sticky notes, perhaps an online To Do List is what you covet most.

Compare and contrast, but ultimately, go ahead and commit. Embrace technology and bask in the glow of your shiny new employee tracking app.

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