How Employee Time Tracking Works for Independent Contractors

Contracted employees are their own one-man team: managing payroll, juggling admin and playing HR director.

But companies outsourcing projects to these mobile workers have access to employee time tracking technology that can help simplify these tasks for them.

Working from wherever offers flexibility and freedom, but freelancers are often on their own when faced with day to day work-related issues. As the "gig economy" continues to flourish, the absence of a traditional Human Resources department poses some potential pitfalls. Disputes over billable hours and overtime, errors in scheduling and payroll, as well as lack of support and communication, can all lead to serious frustration when falling on deaf ears. To combat these issues, adopting a comprehensive employee time tracking solution is the way to go.

Since these workers are constantly connected to their respective devices, an app platform that manages their work is second nature. Paper timesheets and invoices are not only time-consuming to prepare, but also plagued with inaccuracies – not to mention the headaches that are sure to come with the pending DOL rule. The Timesheet Mobile app offers independent contractors a simple solution for punching in and out, logging mileage, tracking regular and overtime hours, viewing schedules, making on-the-spot timesheet adjustments and directly communicating with their companies.

Implementing a smart employee time tracking system is an efficient and money-saving solution for accomplishing workplace tasks and improving communication – virtually eliminating the need for a traditional HR department.

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