Employee Tracking App Advancement

Improve employee compliance using an employee tracking app that works as hard as you do.

Every successful owner and manager knows that keeping up with the needs of your mobile workforce must be a top priority. Just as employee time tracking has evolved from punch cards to spreadsheets to integrated mobile timekeeping systems, so too has our Timesheet Mobile employee tracking app continually advanced in order to enhance the user experience.

Users adding new employees–via the dashboard–will notice that any employee for whom you assign an email address will automatically receive an individual account. Launching the myTSM employee tracking app on their smartphone allows employees full access to their personal work history.

employee tracking app and employee time clock for smartphones

Up-to-the-minute timesheets for the day, week and bi-weekly period, if applicable, are ready to view. Hourly rates, job assignments, overtime shifts and exact punch times are instantly available. Giving employees this sense of ownership is crucial to avoiding potential conflicts and confusion each pay period.

Improving employee compliance in your organization begins with offering solutions that provide a clear benefit. An employee tracking app that empowers your workforce can be a motivating tool. Rather than spending time wondering if they forgot to punch in, whether they were paid the correct rate or trying to recall how many hours they put in on a certain job, employees can instead focus on working harder and smarter. Managers rest assured that employees are informed, and bookkeepers spend far less time entertaining questions from frustrated employees.

Timesheet Mobile is thrilled to provide businesses with the ability to increase transparency while reducing operating and payroll costs. A happy employee is a productive employee.

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