How Our Geofencing App Helped an Award-Winning Cleaning Company Stop Losing Money

When a top rated cleaning service decided it was time to tidy up employee timekeeping, they called Timesheet Mobile…

Muffetta (Angie) and Troy Krueger owns Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants, a home and office cleaning company with a 25-30 person crew, with offices in both Westchester and Orange County, NY. Frustrated with inflated hours and questions about employee whereabouts, the Kruegers knew it was time to revamp the system. Troy identified the problem, saying “It was only a verbal recounting of times. We had no mechanism for tracking employee hours.”

Time for some housekeeping

As a small business owner, Krueger expressed how damaging it was to get calls from clients asking why they were being billed for hours in which the staff wasn’t even at the jobsite. As a result, he was having to refund money, as well as offer discounts on future services. After a thorough search for a geofence-enabled solution, Krueger discovered Timesheet Mobile ... and those results came almost instantly. He elaborated, “I’m confident that we’re experiencing a 10% savings in employee costs … plus a couple hundred dollars a week savings by not having to give out refunds and discounts to clients.” Rather than employees making best guesses or rounding hours, timekeeping became 100% accurate. 

“ We started using Timesheet Mobile and we stopped losing money.
-Troy Krueger, Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants

Features, not fluff

As a company whose staff has not completely migrated to smartphones, Muffetta’s appreciates the ease of use with the call-in IVR system. Krueger notes that both the Timesheet Mobile geofencing app and IVR system are working “beautifully” for his employees. Krueger raved about another key Timesheet Mobile feature, “The offline logging of time is HUGE! Not having to worry about a wireless signal and having it sync automatically … it’s invaluable.” Krueger also expressed the value of working with a company that really listens and responds to customer feedback saying, “The people at the company have been great … very open to suggestions … and actually implemented quite a few of them!”

For time and location tracking, Timesheet Mobile is cost-effective, the features are great and it saves us money … it pays for itself! 
-Troy Krueger, Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants

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