Keeping Track of Employees in an On-Demand Economy

Like their predecessors in the internet startup game, today's pop up companies are looking for ways to give their brands much-needed staying power in an on-demand economy. While instant gratification is appealing for those craving a last minute dinner delivery, not all services lend themselves to the push of a button. Former Lyft exec and current Sprig CEO, Gagan Biyani, uses child care as a prime example of how the convenience business model is not one size fits all. As he points out, getting an Uber car is vastly different–and far less important–than getting a babysitter.

While technology is the catalyst for the rise of these businesses, the human element remains crucial: there is still no substitute for great customer service. Many on-demand businesses are creating subscription-based plans, with the goal of encouraging long-term relationships with customers, rather than one-time interactions.

Before assembling your dream team of chefs, babysitters, personal assistants or dog walkers, have a plan in place for keeping track of them. Timesheet Mobile provides employees with a place to punch in, view their schedules, exchange information and log mileage. Need proof that Spot got a 30 minute walk in the neighborhood park or need to know that your personal assistant dropped off the dry cleaning at 3pm, the TSM app provides vital location information for mobile employees. How convenient is that?!

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