Obamacare Timekeeping For Small Companies

Looking for an easy way to track labor hours for Obamacare timekeeping compliance?

The dog days of summer are a great time to prepare for Obamacare timekeeping changes. Given the long winter, it’s no wonder many of us have slipped into relaxation mode these past few months. That said, we thought mid-year would be an ideal time to refresh employers on their obligations under the Affordable Care Act.

A recent development requires employers to determine whether they have to offer health insurance benefits to temporary and contract workers. Obamacare timekeeping  requires that large employers (currently  defined as those with 100 or more employees)  offer health insurance benefits to 70% of its full-time employees (30+ hours per week).  Therefore, if your percentage of temp workers falls within the less than 30% this year of full-time employees who are not being offered benefits, you may be fine in terms of ACA compliance. However, you must carefully track the numbers of temporary employees you are using and the number of hours they are putting in to stay within the percentages. 
It is also worth noting that major changes are coming in 2016. Large employers will be defined as companies with just 50 or more employees, mandating employers to offer coverage to 95% of their workforce. 
For employers who are new to the process,  Timesheet Mobile can be a lifesaver. TSM allows employers to easily compile data for their  full-time and part-time employees, as well as track the weekly hours of their part-time employees. This information will enable you to use the Full-time Equivalent (FTE) calculator:  https://www.healthcare.gov/shop-calculators-fte/.
Stave off the headaches, stay in compliance and RELAX!


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