Our Web Based Timekeeping System Protects Employee Privacy

What makes an employee time tracking system valuable for employers is the same thing that makes it cringe-worthy for employees: accuracy.

When a company chooses to go mobile in terms of employee timekeeping, the ability to accurately monitor on the clock employee locations is a very attractive feature. The way in which our app can now automatically log employees in and out and even prompt them to do so, based on their location, is a much-needed tool for employers who have had no other option other than placing blind trust in their field employees. Even if just the smallest percentage of their workforce is guesstimating hours, this equates to big financial losses for the company.

By eliminating archaic paper timesheets, the payroll process is quicker, more efficient and virtually error-free. With that relief, however, comes the responsibility of the employer to protect employee privacy.

A lawsuit filed in California this past May brings into question the balance between an employer's right to monitor and an employee's right to privacy. Plaintiff Myrna Arias alleges that she was fired by her former company for uninstalling a GPS tracking app that she was required to download.

Arias claims she told her employer that she was fine with the company monitoring her as an on the clock employee, but tracking her while not at work was an illegal invasion of privacy. The company refused to acknowledge her position, instructing her to reinstall the app. When she refused to comply, she was ultimately terminated. Arias is seeking $500k in lost wages and the case is pending.

Monitoring workers with an employee GPS tracking app can be a sensitive and alienating idea in the workplace, as it may be perceived by employees as a lack of trust. In order to avoid this conflict, up front communication is critical. The parameters and obligations should be clearly outlined in the employee privacy policy and agreed upon by all parties. Consult legal advice if you’re unsure of your state's regulations.

By choosing Timesheet Mobile's web based timekeeping system, employers eliminate this type of concern altogether. We track employee location for the sole purpose of accurately monitoring an on the clock employee. Should an employee leave the geofenced jobsite and forget to punch out, an alert is generated, but does not reveal any location information. Our privacy policy ensures a fair and secure work environment and sets Timesheet Mobile apart from its competitors. 

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