Bay Area Pizza Startup Uses Robots to Slice Time

In a world of super cool startups, Zume Pizza might take the cake. Or, in this case, the pie. CNN Money recently featured this Silicon Valley business, where robots and humans team up in the kitchen to serve the on-demand economy. With the goal of delivering the freshest product with the highest quality ingredients in the fastest possible time, Zume Pizza is hoping to take a bite out of the $40 billion industry.

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The process begins once a customer orders online or via the Zume Pizza app. Humans and robots prep the dough, add the toppings and par-bake the pie. Once loaded onto the oven-equipped truck, the pizzas finish baking in the four minutes it takes to get from the starting point to the customer's front door. Neighborhood pizza lovers – Google and Stanford Business School, whose employees and students tend to eat in, are already Zume regulars. Cofounder Julia Collins believes this concept can be successfully expanded into other food offerings as well.

Better pizza. Better for employees.
Technology has streamlined the pie making and delivery process and both customers and employees are reaping the benefits. Being financially able to source the finest local ingredients gives Zume Pizza an edge over big box pizza chains. Employees are likely to get free pizza for breakfast – and to top it off, they are also offered health, vision and dental insurance. Sounds like a little slice of heaven!

Employee time tracking. Easy as pie.
Startups have a lot of decisions to make. Implementing a mobile timekeeping system helps entrepreneurs keep track of employees while building their business. Locate employees and communicate with managers, customers and fellow team members. No paper timecards and no traditional office required.

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