Stepping Up Safety in Construction Zones

Safety first. This is no joke when it comes to the construction trades. These workers put themselves in potentially compromising situations all day long. While workplace fatalities are dramatically lower than before OSHA was created, there are still several hundred workers who lose their lives on the job each month.

Once again, new technology is at the forefront of the initiative to keep workers safe. All safety vests are no longer alike. Workers are now assigned vests based on the level of risk associated with their job. Wearables in the works include everything from heat-monitoring vests to smart helmets.

Technology that is currently keeping workers safe and accounted for includes Timesheet Mobile's Check Point feature. Smartphone, as well as, flip phone users can quickly update their location information without logging in or out of a job. GPS geofence tracking provides real-time visibility of workers in the field, ensuring their safety and lending peace of mind to employers. This feature has become a critical tool for leading companies in the security industry.

While there is never a substitute for human communication, common sense practices and solid teamwork in the workplace, sophisticated developments in technology continue to improve worker safety.


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