How Mobile Timekeeping Simplifies Bookkeeping

 Long gone are the days of walking into your bookkeeper's office and handing over a manila envelope overflowing with receipts – and thankfully so! Expecting accurate and timely bookkeeping in today's world – with more and more employees working from home or out in the field – is a tall order. Switching to a mobile time tracking solution not only minimizes errors on employee timesheets, but maximizes the efficiency of the payroll process. By maintaining and synchronizing all records in one place, bookkeepers access all records within Timesheet Mobile via QuickBooks or Quickbooks Online. There is no need for multiple data entries or log ins. According to Ronny Tey, Group Marketing Manager, Intuit, “Timesheet Mobile is a great example of how two cloud based services can integrate and create an end to end solution via the Intuit Developer Group Platform.”

Our all-new dashboard further supports the goal of timely bookkeeping by eliminating errors from the start. Under the Account > Settings tab, we have implemented a Customer Assignments option. Switching this from Auto to Manual ensures that when an employee logs in on the app, the only jobs that appear are the ones specific to them. Customers are kept anonymous and mistakes are avoided. The correct jobs or tasks are then coded properly, avoiding time-consuming hassles that often interfere with timely bookkeeping.

When looking at the how and why of tracking employee time, timely bookkeeping is just one of a host of unique benefits that comes with implementing a mobile timekeeping system within your company. In addition to video tutorials throughout our site, users will now see a tab on the dashboard called User Guides. These pages contain helpful text and visuals for quick and easy set up. Timesheet Mobile offers a FREE 30 day trial. Don't wait to start improving your business!

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