Timesheet Mobile Announces Updated Features for iPhone and Android Smartphones.

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., July 11, 2013- Freedom Telecare today announced that their Timesheet Mobile, employee time clock and employee location software service iPhone and Android smartphone app has been expanded with new features. Additional functionality includes a simplified punch clock capability, status indications for cumulative time logged for the week, support for extended job/task names, expanded options for tracking mileage as well as the addition of the Security Check Point feature for smart phone users.

Building on Timesheet Mobile's cloud based solution already helping a rapidly growing number of businesses eliminate costly labor time reporting errors by accurately tracking the work times and location of mobile employees, the additional features will allow for:

  • Use of the smart phone app as a simple punch clock, requiring no selection of job/task but still quickly and easily capturing employee times and locations and creating employee time sheets.
  • Employee visibility into hours worked for the week and status indication of log errors that they should notify their administrators of.
  • Use of extended job and task names (> 24 characters) with enhanced readability and selection.
  • Security Check Point capabilities for smart phone users.

“Timesheet Mobile implemented the smartphone app in response to the growing use of smartphones in the mobile workforce. Since its introduction, our customer’s in Energy Services, Security, Transportation, Healthcare, and Construction are seeing their employees rapidly transition from non-smartphones to smartphones” said Freedom Telecare President, Bob Drainville.   “The enhancement to our smart phone app products expand our current offerings and provides employees an easy to use application to accurately record their work times, job information, and plot their locations."

With the addition of the new Security Check Point feature, employees with the smart phone app installed can quickly update their location information without the need to log in or out of the job that they are working, increasing their safety and their employer’s confidence in their workers location throughout a shift.   This feature has become a critical tool for leading companies in the security industry.

"Our security company has been using Timesheet Mobile nearly two years and have always received quick responses, help and feedback. The addition of Check Point for our smart phone users allows our security professionals to quickly update their locations, enter notes, and get timestamps anytime during their shift.   The increased visibility and proof of their locations during their shifts improves our service to our customers while enhancing the safety of our workers"  said Roger W. of Protected Security Services

The updated smartphone applications are available for installation on Google Play and iTunes. For employees to use the smart phone application, their employers must have a corresponding Timesheet Mobile subscription to allow real time data communication between the app and the web based service.

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