How Timesheet Mobile Protects Employee Privacy

One of the biggest concerns that employees have when their employer  implements a mobile timekeeping is the issue of privacy. Timesheet Mobile's  policy helps uphold employee trust, eases the timekeeping transition and protects employee privacy

Location Tracking
The TSM app is NOT a tracking device and employees are not being monitored all day and night. The ONLY time employee locations are being recorded is when they hit “punch in”, “punch out”, “check point” or “switch”. Employers will be able to see when employees are in the perimeter of the areas that have been defined as jobsites. The perimeter areas are being monitored, but once an employee leaves the jobsite, location information is no longer available. Acting much like a security guard at a gate, the Timesheet Mobile app will report that an employee is leaving and ask that person to sign in/out. Beyond that, neither the guard, nor the app, has any idea where people go from there. Read more about this process here.

Trust the system
While employees expect to get paid for the hours they have worked, employers also need to be sure that those hours are accurate. Timesheet Mobile offers businesses the most transparent and efficient system available, ensuring fairness across the board. Employees control their mobile "timecards" by making adjustments to shifts and hours on the spot. They can verify their time and resolve any discrepancies or issues before those show up on their paychecks – eliminating frantic calls into your bookkeeper and significantly reducing administrative time and cost. 

Your phone. Your privacy.
Under no circumstances will Timesheet Mobile ever track your employees' search history, access their personal information or in any way attempt to violate their privacy. The TSM app is not capable of knowing whether an employee sends a text, logs into Facebook, checks a bank account, makes an online purchase or surfs the web. The TSM app is not designed to do anything other than keep track of the time and location of on the clock employees.

Keep more data. Use less battery. 
The TSM app only uses about 50KB of data per Punch. If employees punch in and out two times daily (60 times per month), they will only have used 3MB of their data plan. If they also punch in and out for lunch each day, they will still only have used approximately 6MB of data each month. Unlike many other apps, Timesheet Mobile’s geofencing technology monitors in the "background" to preserve smartphone battery life. Since the TSM app isn't constantly sending and receiving data, it isn't steadily draining the battery. 

Simple steps to get started. 
1.) Employees download
the free Timesheet Mobile app. 2.) Employers send out an invitation email to their employees. 3.) Employees locate their company server name and employee number, then enter that information, along with their cell phone number, into the registration form. 4.) Employees receive a numeric code via text message. Once that code is entered into the app, they will be able to start punching in and out.  Step by step directions and more information can be found here.

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