Why Millennials are Magnets for Startups

Millennials gravitate to startups over more secure, better paying, and less stressful jobs for several reasons, not least of which is the palpable energy prevalent at most start-ups.…

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Hiring in the Gig Economy

  Looking for a gig in the next decade? Get in the game by tuning up your tech skills.…

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Employee Time Tracking on Maui: Paradise Found

How Employee Time Tracking Catered to my Business…

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Mobile Timekeeping to Track Catering Personnel

As a business owner, operator or administrator, you know that inaccurate or missing employee timesheets cost you big money. Yet, many smaller catering businesses may not have the luxury of sending a supervisor to each event location to keep track of employee arrival and departure times and hours on site. Even many of those that do are seeking better visibility and accountability for their mobile employees.…

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