Working from home during Covid-19

As we all continue to respond and plan for the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, Timesheet Mobile can assure our customers that our customer service will not be disrupted and that we are here to help you through these difficult times.  Our applications and servers are stored in a secure cloud network, remotely accessible by our team. Key members of management and staff are distributed across multiple locations throughout the United States and India, and critical business functions are duplicated to provide backup capabilities in the event a team member cannot perform their duties due to illness.

Timesheet Mobile's workforce management tools can help your business minimize disruption while your employees are working from home.  Here are some tips and tools that can help maintain productivity while employees work remotely.

1.Protect your employees and customers with mandatory employee COVID-19 Self-Screening prior to starting their shifts and block them from punching in if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.

2. Prevent employees from sleeping in by setting a schedule and using a time tracking app that records tasks and checklist items.

3. Use video conferencing like Skype or Zoom for screen sharing and team meetings. These tools have free plans that meet most basic needs.

4. Use project collaboration tools like Project+ to send instant messages to teams, attach specifications, and track project progress.

5. Be cautious of online attacks targeted to less secure employee home networks. “In general, attackers are looking for a vulnerability to deliver their attack,” Chris Rothe, chief product officer and co-founder of Red Canary, told Threatpost

6. Stay focused on goals, not activity.  Here's Forbes 15 Tips to effectively manage remote employees.

These are stressful times.  Scary headlines, worrying about family health and tending to our kids home from school, all happening while trying to work from home. We wish you, your colleagues and families wellness during these challenging times. 


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