BYOD for Time Tracking

No longer just fun and games...

Construction workers are now using their mobile devices for everything from time tracking to project management.

While the construction industry has been notoriously slow to embrace technology, their paper-based processes are being phased out and crews are gravitating towards mobile apps for managing all phases of their workday. Hence, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture is picking up momentum in this arena. Work-related apps are gaining more interest and usage and companies are designing technology to meet the needs of mobile employees across all industries.

On the construction jobsite, time management is crucial. Construction Executive points out " more mobile devices enter the jobsite, forward-thinking project managers are finding that they no longer have to waste valuable time running back and forth from the site to the office to the trailer to repeatedly update, print, and distribute plans and documents that are vital to a project’s success." Using a cloud-based timesheet app where information will sync – in the absence of an internet connection – is key. Employers also want to be sure that when using an employee time tracking app, GPS accuracy isn't hindered by a poor signal. Ensure employees that BYOD does NOT mean they will be footing the bill for pricey data plans.

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The Timesheet Mobile app covers the bases in each of these areas, offering one inclusive price for all of these premium features. Our geofence technology works while offline and users won't be stuck with a dead battery and drained data. Catering to those industries with workers in the field, our Workgroup Punch feature also lends itself to being set up on a tablet. This “kiosk” acts a hub where workers can easily log in and out without having to reach for their cell phones. Our timesheet app makes employee time tracking, project management and team collaboration quick, simple and efficient. Try it for your business. Risk free for an entire month.

BYOD and we'll do the rest.

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