How our Geofencing Enhancements Improve Employee Compliance

Your company is constantly growing and evolving, and we're right alongside you. Employee compliance is paramount – and not always easy to achieve. While we continue to provide you with the most accurate on the clock employee time tracking technology, we depend on client feedback to drive our product direction, shape our new features and inspire us to further push our technical boundaries. Geofencing, along with our exclusive Punch Prompt  alerts, are among the most valuable features for small business owners. And in the latest update to the Timesheet Mobile employee time tracking app, we have added significant enhancements to our most sought after capabilities.

Punch Prompt® Geofencing Enhancements

Reducing employee timesheet errors and improving employee compliance continues to be the top priority and focus for Timesheet Mobile. Building on the success of our Punch Prompt® alert system, which reminds employees to stop the clock when they leave a site, we have added the ability to monitor employee locations and notify them upon arrival at a worksite geofence. If your employee is within the geofence of several worksites, a list is presented, prompting selection of the appropriate site, and with that, the time clock starts. The system automatically locates and logs your employee’s distance away from the jobsite geofence as they clock in and out online. 

geofence-jobsite (1).jpg

The clock starts now

In an effort to reduce the time required to process your employee’s inputted information, our geofencing app has been both streamlined and accelerated. Employees no longer have to wait for GPS location services to be captured before punching in. This process now happens in the background, facilitating highly accurate readings, without delaying the start of the time clock.

No bars? No problem.

Not all your customer sites have good cellular signals. Our updated smartphone app allows employees to punch in and out at all jobsites, regardless of cellular signal strength. Employee actions are synchronized with Timesheet Mobile’s server as soon as a network connection becomes available.

In sync

Our employee time tracking app now displays the current status of the server sync, as well as the date and time of the last successful sync with the server.

Administrative Access Granted

For administrators who need to obtain data within the app, a new tab has been added, permitting direct access to our server. Administrators may now use the app to add, modify and delete employees, customers and jobs, tasks and work groups, as well as generate timesheet reports on employee’s smartphones. This interface will continue to expand and provide a wide range of exciting administrator and employee-focused features in the future.

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