Employee Tracking: Compliance vs. Privacy

Mobile phones may not protect employee privacy, but Timesheet Mobile does.

Employers get the most accurate employee tracking, along with improved compliance and employee privacy protection.

As disconcerting as it may be, our mobile phones are tracking us at all times. Unless location services are completely disabled on our smartphones, our locations are being monitored by the device. Even with location services turned off, mobile providers have access to cell towers and areas of WiFi networks which can all be used to report locations.

Timing is everything
It comes as no surprise, then, that GPS-enabled employee tracking software can be a sensitive and alienating topic in the workplace. When a company chooses to utilize a mobile timekeeping system, employees may interpret that move as a lack of trust. Naturally, they assume they are being tracked 24/7, creating an immediate aversion to compliance with the system. 

Creating a solution that satisfies a true need for employers as well as protection for employees is our top priority. Our privacy policy protects the rights of companies who are entitled to know that their workers are where they should be when on-the-clock, while protecting employees' right to privacy while not on company time.

Location. Location. Location
With our exclusive Punch Prompt® or Autopunch features, our app internally monitors the device's location and compares it to the geofence locations of customer and job sites to remind employees to start and stop their clock or do it for them automatically. ONLY when an employee punches in or out, will their location be captured and reported to the Timesheet Mobile server. To protect employee privacy,  location monitoring is done LOCALLY on the device and locations are never sent from the device unless the employee punches in or out. 

If the employee leaves the site while on the clock, an alert will appear on their phone and their company is advised of the time they left the site. No location information is ever captured during a Punch Prompt.


Location Tracking Policies

Make sure your implementation comes with an update to company policies. A written policy that outlines the business needs of GPS location, when it will be used, how employees will be monitored, and how you plan to protect GPS data from mishandling. If employees can be disciplined for disabling location services on devices, this is also something you need to make them aware of in any policy.       

Up front communication with employees is a must. It is important that employees recognize that even if the smallest percentage of their company's workforce has inaccurate hours, this equates to big financial expenses. By eliminating paper time sheets and implementing a mobile employee tracking system, the payroll process is quicker, more efficient and virtually error-free. That said, it is crucial for employees to know that Timesheet Mobile and their employers are taking all of the necessary steps in order to protect their privacy and ensure accurate payroll.

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