Save Money With These Geofencing Enhancements to Our Time Clock App

Timesheet Mobile continues to add geofencing features to our time clock app – designed to help company administrators, managers and individual employees ensure that their on the clock hours are legitimate and accurate
The feedback from the thousands of on the clock employees using our Punch Prompt® Left Site feature has been very positive. And now, Android version 19.6 and iPhone version 8.1.0 users will also be notified when an on the clock employee re-enters a worksite geofence. Re-entered Site completes these employee actions. 
Employers need to know that an employee on company time has left a designated work site – even for valid reasons like a supply run. When this is the case and the employee is leaving to run work-related errands, the employee can remain on the clock and the Punch Prompt® (Out) notification alert can be ignored. When an employee leaves a site for a non work-related reason, they are expected to punch out. At this point, the employee is no longer being tracked.

When remaining on the clock, the employer and employee will now be notified when the employee returns to the site. Administrators and managers can use this information to gain valuable insight about their employees movement in and out of job sites, which can be used to make timesheet adjustments or simply factor into business planning.

Here is a sample of what an administrator will see in the Activity Log when an employee leaves and re-enters a site:

In the example above:

  1. Employee John Doe punched in at the site (Bailey Building) at 1:21 PM.
  2. At 2:03 PM the employee left the work site.
  3. Employee returned to the work site at 2:47 PM.
  4. Employee punched out at 3:21 PM and entered note about supply run.

These Punch Prompt® enhancements are developed to meet our customers' specific needs. We will continue to enhance this unique and powerful feature. Please contact Timesheet Mobile with feedback or questions. 

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