Construction and Tech: In Sync and Unstoppable

It all started with the smartphone. Truly a catalyst for change in the once technophobic Construction industry, many employees are now using theirs to accomplish a host of daily tasks on the jobsite.…

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BYOD for Time Tracking

No longer just fun and games... Construction workers are now using their mobile devices for everything from time tracking to project management. While the construction industry has been notoriously slow to embrace technology, their paper-based processes are being phased out and crews are gravitating towards mobile apps for managing all phases of their workday.…

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New Tech for Mobile Workforce Management

We are thrilled to announce that one of the most commonly requested features for improving mobile workforce management is now functional. Workgroup Punch (aka Crew Punch) allows managers to clock their workers in and out either individually, or as a group, at one or more customer or job locations. If workers forget their mobile phone, or for those who don't have one, this tool allows managers to get them on the clock without delay.…

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