Will Geofencing Determine Where You Eat Dinner?

How did you get your coffee this morning? Did you use your Starbucks app to Mobile Order & Pay or opt for the antiquated stand in line method?…

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Employee Tracking: Compliance vs. Privacy

Mobile phones may not protect employee privacy, but Timesheet Mobile does. Employers get the most accurate employee tracking, along with improved compliance and employee privacy protection.…

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How our Geofencing Enhancements Improve Employee Compliance

Your company is constantly growing and evolving, and we're right alongside you. Employee compliance is paramount – and not always easy to achieve. While we continue to provide you with the most accurate on the clock employee time tracking technology, we depend on client feedback to drive our product direction, shape our new features and inspire us to further push our technical boundaries. Geofencing, along with our exclusive Punch Prompt alerts, are among the most valuable features for small business owners. And in the latest update to the Timesheet Mobile employee time tracking app, we have added significant enhancements to our most sought after capabilities.…

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Using Geofence Alerts for On The Clock Employees

Many small businesses with employees in the field do not have the luxury of having a supervisor at each customer or job location to ensure that workers are where they are supposed to be. For employers seeking better accountability and compliance for their on the clock employees, Timesheet Mobile’s GPS geofencing technology provides owners and managers with simple and quick location validation.…

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